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December 20, 2023

Standards Matter Because...

For 120 years, we’ve been creating standards to make the world safer. Our library includes 1,700+ best-in-class, consensus-based safety standards and documents that make products we use every day safer, while also supporting a more sustainable world through innovation. 

This work would not be possible without our committed team. We asked our 200+ employees from across the globe why they do what they do.

Here’s what they had to say about why standards matter:

Mary Ann

"They ensure safety by setting benchmarks and requirements to establish quality control measures which can improve reliability and safety of products and services. When products and services are compliant with standards, t

he end user is protected from harmful effects arising from adverse interoperability."

Mary Ann Natividad
International Standards Specialist, Standards International




"They make the world safer every day."

Siying Lok
International Standards Specialist, Standards International


"Standards matter because they make our world safe, healthy, secure and sustainable."

Richie Stephen
Senior Standards Specialist, Standards International
India - Gurgaon (PS Lab)


"They are setting a criteria to industries to provide qualified and safe products to users."

Jessie Guo
Standards Manager Regional Liaison, Standards International
China – Shanghai



"They provide a framework that ensures consistency and safety. Standards also enable innovation, facilitate trade and finally benefit consumers and society as a whole."

Zahi Daher
Standards Manager Regional Liaison, Standards International
Saudi Arabia - Riyadh


"Standards are the key to a common understanding of how to meet and solve technical challenges. That is why common international standards are important, as a language we can share."

Jørgen Bruus-Jensen
Staff Engineer, Standards International
Denmark – Ballerup



"They safeguard our future."

Lisette Delgado
Standards Specialist, Standards Development - E&PT
Northbrook, Illinois



"They keep you safe... even when no one is watching."

Sarah Brooks
Director Standards Operations, Standards Leadership
Raleigh, North Carolina


To learn more about the impact of our standards, visit our Standards Matter page. 

If you're interested in learning more about opportunities to advance our mission, check out our open career opportunities or consider sharing your expertise in our standards development process by applying to join one of our technical committees.