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November 6, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Why We Love Working at ULSE

We are celebrating 120 years since we issued our first standard for tin clad fire doors, which is remarkably still an active standard today. Since then, we have built a reputation of best-in-class standards that support a safer, more secure, and sustainable world with over 1,700 safety standards in our library.  

We are proud of our last 120 years of history. We grew out of a single nonprofit in 2021 to launch our brand and identity, UL Standards & Engagement, in 2022 – and it has been a period of remarkable growth and change since. This year alone, we’ve increased our staff by 50%, released 63 first editions and updated standards and revised another 218.  

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we asked our over 200 employees working across the globe what they love most about working at UL Standards & Engagement. 

Here’s what they had to say: 

Corrine Lee Headshot “Working with such a collaborative team of people as we all strive to create a safer world for everyone." 

Corinne Lee
Engagement and Experience Specialist, Standards Development Leadership  
Northbrook, Illinois 

Sky Huette
“What I love most about working at UL Standards & Engagement is the people! From the dedicated, helpful, and kind employees to the knowledgeable and collaborative stakeholders. Working with admirable people inspires you to be your best.“ 

Sky Huette
Stakeholder Experience Specialist, Standards Development Leadership 
Northbrook, Illinois

 “What I love most about working at UL Standards & Engagement is that no two days are alike.” 

AnneMarie Jacobs
Senior Standards Specialist, Standards Development – AHL 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Jonette Herman
"I love working with the wonderful people at UL Standards & Engagement who have a common passion for our mission to make our world safer and more sustainable. It is humbling and amazing to see the positive impact ULSE is making in our everyday lives."

Jonette Herman 
Standards TC Chair, Standards Development - E&PT 
Raleigh, North Carolina

“We are all united by the mission.” 

Margi DeFord
Standards Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Standards Development Leadership 
Northbrook, Illinois 

Griff Edwards
“The incredible people I work with every day is what I love most about working at UL Standards & Engagement.” 

Griff Edwards
Standards Specialist, Standards Development – BLST 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

"Working at ULSE has given me the opportunity to advance the safety of the world around me, from the different technologies that our standards cover to the hazards that our standards mitigate, to the advocacy and awareness that we bring to our local community.” 

Denice Durrant 
Director, Standards Engineering Data Science, Standards Development Leadership  
Raleigh, North Carolina

Grace Roh and family
“I know that the work I do affects the very products my family uses all around my home.” 

Grace Roh 
International Senior Standards Specialist, Standards International 
Washington, DC 

“People are keen to interact, talk, collaborate and, most importantly, support in whichever way they can.” 

Mariana García Cortés 
International Senior Standards Specialist, Standards International 
Mexico - Colonia Los Morales 

Patrick Wilmot and child
“I love our organization's genuine dedication to the UL mission, and the way our culture is shaped by it. We are unified by our commitment to working for a safer world and supporting the many stakeholders from around the world who are so critical to the work we do.” 

Patrick Wilmot 
Senior Communications Manager, Standards Operations Leadership 
Northbrook, Illinois

“The safety mission is what I love most about working at UL Standards & Engagement.” 

Eric Zhang 
Standards Manager Regional Liaison, Standards International 
Beijing, China 

Caitlin D'Onofrio and family
“Making a meaningful impact — every day, I have the opportunity to make a difference in the world, whether it's through industry engagement, driving the standards development process of sustainability standards, or contributing to important projects. Knowing that my work matters drives me forward.” 

Caitlin D’Onofrio 
Standards Program Manager, Standards Development Portfolio Management 
Ottawa, Canada  

Headshot of Dr. David Steel, Executive Director at UL Standards & Engagement


"I love that we're working for a safer world. Every employee who comes through our doors has an incredible opportunity for their individual contributions to have an important impact on our mission and society."

David Steel
Executive Director
Washington, DC 

At UL Standards & Engagement, we are proud of our passionate team and culture that is centered on integrity, collaboration, inclusivity and excellence. We look forward to continuing to work toward a safer more sustainable world alongside a best-in-class team to create a safer world for all.

To learn more about what it’s like to work at UL Standards & Engagement or to view open positions visit https://ulse.org/careers.