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Advancing a safe, fair, and fake-free world through science and collaboration

Our anti-counterfeiting program collaborates with global stakeholder groups to share safety information that helps keep consumers and society safe from the harmful effects of counterfeit products. We embrace our role as a trusted, proactive, global leader committed to the advancement of anti-counterfeiting education and research.
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Fighting Counterfeits

Our Commitment to

Stakeholder engagement is critical to advancing our goal of sharing anti-counterfeiting safety information. Our partnerships with global law enforcement  and public and private sector organizations have helped us reach millions of people with information that supports educated decision-making when it comes to identifying, purchasing or interacting with counterfeit products. 

Be Safe Buy Real Annual World Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign
A Global Campaign

Building Consumer Awareness

Be Safe Buy Real is an annual global anti-counterfeiting campaign designed to raise awareness among consumers, governments, law enforcement, educators, industries and societies of the negative health, safety and economic consequences of counterfeiting.

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Digital Advocacy for Legislative Change

Sending a Message

Through our digital advocacy tool, U.S. residents can easily engage on public policy issues related to counterfeiting in under two minutes by sending an electronic message to their elected officials. Together, we urge legislators to protect consumers who are negatively impacted by counterfeit products.

We engage with stakeholders across sectors to support, develop and deliver educational resources, tools and information that meets our various audiences where they are and provides them with anti-counterfeiting knowledge. Our initiatives will serve various stakeholders and take various forms: online learning, original safety product testing research, a social media campaign, videos, interviews, articles or simple infographics. We make all of our information available to the public. Learn more about Underwriters Laboratories' anti-counterfeiting projects through the initiatives shown below.


Browse and explore research reports, videos, training programs, and other key resources centered around anti-counterfeiting. The Underwriters Laboratories anti-counterfeiting program supports and delivers research and education focused on keeping the public and other stakeholders safe from counterfeit products.

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Underwriters Laboratories brings together key stakeholders and decision-makers from a wide cross-section of the global safety community. We seek to foster relationships and facilitate discussions that improve safety policies and practices around the world.