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January 12, 2023

Fire Service Members Needed for Safety Standards Development

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At UL Standards & Engagement, we strive to help make the world safer, more secure, and more sustainable through the development of safety standards. From smoke alarms and batteries to firefighting foams, our standards help shape the development of critical products and systems, including those used in fire prevention, detection, containment, suppression, and security. 

In order to shape these standards, we rely on the input of experts from various stakeholder groups — including fire service and other emergency personnel — because your firsthand knowledge and on-scene experience provide a crucial, unique perspective that helps make an impact on the requirements needed for safer equipment, fewer hazards, and reduced risks.

By submitting comments on proposals or sharing ideas or concerns based upon your experience, your input can shape standards for fire safety systems and equipment. Along with other interest groups, such as manufacturers, academia, government, retail, and certification organizations, your voice helps provide balance to the input we receive. Thanks to stakeholders like you, requirements in our standards are updated regularly to help address issues you may encounter in the field. Together, we’re creating a dynamic road map to a safer future.


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