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May 31, 2022

Student Workers Learn Why 'Standards Matter'

Students collaborating At UL Standards & Engagement, we develop consensus standards that help guide the safety, performance, and sustainability of new products, technologies, and services – delivering solutions that range from household appliances and building materials to cybersecurity and autonomous vehicles.

The Standards and Engagement communications team utilized Cristo Rey St. Martin High School student workers to develop articles for their Standards Matter campaign. Standards Matter highlights the role that standards play in everyday life, using articles and video content to outline how standards help guide the safety and performance of new and evolving technologies. The campaign utilizes social media outreach to draw in a target audience of potential participants in standards development.

Each Standards Matter article focuses on a specific UL Standard, showcasing its impact on the design and manufacture of everyday household products such as hair dryers, garage doors, power strips, and children’s toys. Additionally, each article provides information on the UL standards development process and invites potential stakeholders to get involved by submitting a proposal or applying to join a standards technical panel (STP).

Each student worker developed an article for the Standards Matter campaign after identifying a consumer product, researching the health and safety risks associated with that product, and exploring the relevant UL Standards. They learned how the UL Standards help keep consumers safe and translated the technical language into brief, engaging articles. They also sourced stock images and drafted social media posts to promote their articles on the Standards and Engagement LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

Students were surprised to learn how dangerous their seemingly harmless consumer products could be and were excited to share how the organization is helping to keep consumers safe by developing standards that address these issues.

Writing Standards Matter articles was the third project the students have completed with the Underwriters Laboratories Standards and Engagement organization. Earlier in the school year, they developed a presentation to introduce younger audiences to standards. They also interviewed UL regional managers in other countries to develop a cultural awareness presentation for U.S. employees working with international colleagues.

Completed Standards Matter articles include: