Helping Students Gain Professional Skills in a Real Workplace

Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep

Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep Work-Study Program With UL Standards & Engagement

We are honored to be a prestigious corporate partner of Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep, one of the highest achieving urban schools in the Chicago area. The Cristo Rey Network is a thriving association of 38 high schools that utilize an innovative work-study program to provide an affordable, Catholic education to more than 12,300 students nationwide. The network exclusively serves families with limited financial resources. Each high school student works as an intern for five full days per month to pay for most of the cost of their education, as well as to gain professional work experience.

At UL Standards & Engagement, we value our interns' curiosity, creativity, and cultural diversity they contribute to our organization. Our program aims to set students up for success by providing a hands-on learning environment and developing their professional skills. Many interns return to work with us throughout their high school career. We aspire to be an employer of choice for our interns in their professional futures.

"CWSP allowed for me to grow into a confident, young professional who believes in her potential to achieve anything and everything she sets her mind to," said America Garcia, Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep graduate. "Underwriters Laboratories has been my home for about 6 years now, I have been offered opportunities at my age that I could have never imagined, I forever thank Underwriters Laboratories for believing in me and helping me transform into the woman I am today."

Hear from UL Standards & Engagement interns

“My experience at Underwriters Laboratories has been fascinating," said Derick Gonzalez. "Every person that I've worked with, including my supervisors, is outgoing and understanding. Overall, my experience with Underwriters Laboratories has been very positive.”

“My experience with Underwriters Laboratories has been fun, and it will help me a lot in the future," said Jason Gonzalez. "My supervisors have taught me new techniques and approaches to writing articles, making presentations, and finding information online. I like the projects since they give me a chance to improve myself.”

“Working as an intern while attending high school is a rare opportunity," said Adilene Otero. "Many of my talents were enhanced as a result of the various projects I worked on. Working at Underwriters Laboratories will open a variety of doors for me, especially at my age.”

“Entering the corporate world as a 14-year-old was something that I never expected to experience," said Stacy Matute. "The past four years at this organization have been very beneficial to me. My time-management skills have improved. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many professionals and I’ve gained confidence in myself and my abilities.”