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May 16, 2022

UL Standards & Engagement Receives Excellent Audit Report from SCC

SCC LogoAs part of its accreditation requirements, UL Standards & Engagement undergoes periodic audits to review compliance as well as identify opportunities for improvement from a third-party authority. In a Standards Council of Canada (SCC) Surveillance Assessment conducted in late April, zero non-conformities or observations were recorded, and one commendation was provided.

Integrity is a key principle in standards development. UL Standards & Engagement is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and SCC to develop national consensus standards that guide the safety and sustainability of new and evolving technologies that meet the needs of industry, government, and consumers. Maintaining these accreditations demonstrates our commitment to integrity as a standards development organization.

The value of our accreditation is realized in several areas, including increased quality, credibility, and acceptance of standards; reduced risk of antitrust and liability concerns; market accountability; and global recognition. Holding accreditation from recognized bodies such as ANSI and SCC instills increased stakeholder confidence in the value and quality of the standards developed.

The SCC assessment involved an intensive review of current organization-wide programs and workstreams. The SCC team was impressed by Standards’ plans for strategic growth, the Modern Standards Program, stakeholder outreach efforts, and its risk-based approach.

Another key component of the assessment was composed of competency interviews, project file reviews, or both conducted with staff to evaluate proficiency and compliance in record keeping. Ten staff members participated in these interviews. SCC was complimentary of the competence and professionalism of these staff members.

The commendation praised UL Standards & Engagement’s work in international standardization, saying the organization “showcase[s] best practice with respect to strategically understanding the national importance of ISO/IEC harmonization and adoption under SCC accreditation. This is evidenced by significant and continued participation at and intellectual contribution to international standards organizations.”

Through this commendation, the SCC team recognized UL Standards & Engagement as a valuable member of the standards ecosystem, leveraging our expertise to contribute to the international community and adhere to international principals for the development of standards to ensure that they are developed in an environment that is fair, accessible, and responsive to the needs of stakeholders.