The Modern Standards Program

Through a multiyear journey, UL Standards & Engagement is optimizing all aspects of how we develop UL and ULC standards to drive greater impact and prepare for future safety challenges.
Employees and stakeholders taking part in a hybrid business meeting


The Modern Standards Program is an all-encompassing overhaul of our internal processes, digital platforms and stakeholder engagement model. By optimizing our approach to standards development, we continue to drive safety through standardization and quickly adapt to the rapidly changing and advancing world around us.

The Modern Standards Program Approach

  • Bring fresh and diverse voices to our Standards Technical Panels — including more international participants — while elevating the user experience for current contributors 
  • Refresh or rebuild digital platforms to provide functionality, accessibility and state-of-the-art design
  • Renew efforts to leverage the safety science research led by our colleagues at UL Research Institutes and UL Solutions, as well as other leaders in their respective fields
  • Focus on innovative approaches to operations, including automation and data analytics to support decision-making

Thus far, we have reached a few key milestones:

  1. a comprehensive stakeholder engagement analysis that included surveying, roundtables and individual interviews
  2. infrastructure enhancements to support our Collaborative Standards Development System (CSDS) and UL Standards Sales Site
  3. implementation of an internal tool to streamline project management efforts

This is a multiyear program that involves many simultaneous workstreams. We ask for your support through participation in any surveys or requests for feedback that you may receive, or by submitting your ideas, suggestions or questions to us at any time.

Fast Facts

  • The Modern Standards Program is a multiyear journey to overhaul our approach to operations, technology and stakeholder engagement.

  • As a globally influential developer of standards, we must modernize to ensure long-term impact.

  • Objectives include reducing the time it takes to publish standards, upgrading to more modern technology, broadening stakeholder outreach and building upon our best-in-class user experience.