Using Standards to Help Mitigate COVID-19's Spread

UL Standards & Engagement has several standards in its library that can help support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic
Technicians analyzing medical tests using microscopes

A letter to stakeholders from Phil Piqueira, Vice President, Global Standards

Dear Partners:

This is a challenging time filled with uncertainty and threats to our wellbeing. In line with our mission of working for a safer world, UL Standards & Engagement continues to operate to drive safe, effective and sustainable solutions for you, our stakeholders and everyone impacted by our work.

Below, please find a list of UL and ULC standards relevant to responding to COVID-19. We will provide free access upon request to those involved in fighting the virus and mitigating the pandemic.

Although we have suspended in-person meetings, all activities related to standards development are ongoing. We have either rescheduled meetings or shifted them to a virtual format. Proposals, submittals, balloting, and commenting continue via online platforms, so please continue your participation in these activities.

You can follow and contribute to our work digitally:

  • Our Collaborative Standards Development System (CSDS) provides online access to review and submit proposals for our standards development process. General access is available for information about Standards Technical Panel (STP) meetings, submitting proposals, and access to free proposals.
  • is the our Standards Sales Site at which print or digital copies of all of our documents are available for purchase. In addition, our free Digital View service allows registered users to view a digital copy of our documents at no cost.
  • Explore to learn more about our work and that of our colleagues performing vital safety science research.

We appreciate your ongoing support and welcome your participation in our standards development activities. All of us at UL Standards & Engagement wish you the best for continued health and safety.


Phil Piqueira
Vice President, Global Standards
Underwriters Laboratories



UL Standards relevant to COVID-19

Below is a list of Standards that support the essential services involved in responding to COVID-19, such as healthcare facilities and workers, laboratory testing, manufacturers, and the general public. Stakeholders of UL Standards & Engagement are encouraged to provide feedback on their immediate standards development needs via our Contact form.

As a reminder, UL Standards & Engagement provides Digital View, a view-only online access, free of charge, to current editions and revisions of all UL and ULC standards for safety. To access Digital View, simply visit and select “Browse Standards.” Then, choose any standard, and select the “Digital View” button on the page for that standard. 

If there is a need related to COVID-19 for greater access to UL or ULC standards, please use our Contact form to request assistance.


UL 1069, Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment
UL 2783, Instant Hand Antiseptic Products
UL 2800-1, Standard for Medical Device Interoperability
UL 2900-2-1, Software Cybersecurity for Network-Connectable Products, Part 2-1: Particular Requirements for Network Connectable Components of Healthcare and Wellness Systems
UL 5500, Remote Software Updates

Building Materials and Air Ventilation for temporary housing of patients:

UL 2600, Standard for Relocatable structures 
ULC-4400 Standard For Safety Of Premises, Buildings and Equipment Utilized for the Cultivation, Processing and Production of Cannabis
UL 4402 Indoor Air Quality in Buildings and Facilities Utilized for the Cultivation, Production and Processing of Cannabis
ULC-S710.1, Thermal Insulation - Bead-Applied One Component Polyurethane Air Sealant Foam, Part 1: Material Specification
ULC-S711.1, Standard For Thermal Insulation - Bead-Applied Two Component Polyurethane Air Sealant Foam, Part 1: Material Specification
ULC-S741, Air Barrier Materials – Specification
ULC-S742, Air Barrier Assemblies – Specification
UL 484, Room Air Conditioners 
UL 586, High-Efficiency, Particulate, Air Filter Units
UL 867, Electrostatic Air Cleaners
UL 900, Air Filter Units
UL 181, Factory-Made Air Ducts and Air Connectors
UL 181A, Closure Systems for Use with Rigid Air Ducts
UL 181B, Closure Systems for Use With Flexible Air Ducts and Air Connectors
UL 1784, Air Leakage Tests of Door Assemblies and Other Opening Protectives
UL 2518, Air Dispersion Systems
ULC-S110, Standard Methods of Test for Air Ducts
ULC-S111, Standard Method of Fire Tests for Air Filter Units


Fast Facts

  • Standards related to healthcare, air ventilation and building materials can support essential services helping to fight the virus and potentially mitigate its spread

  • UL Standards & Engagement provides free access to its standards documents using the Digital View function on and can provided expanded access to support efforts to fight COVID-19

  • Standards development activities remain ongoing during shelter in place orders, so stakeholders are encouraged to continue engaging with UL Standards & Engagement as the situation evolves