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November 22, 2023

Updated Standard Contributes to EV Battery Circularity

EV BatteryOn November 10, 2023, UL Standards & Engagement published the second edition of UL 1974, Standard for Safety for Evaluation for Repurposing or Remanufacturing Batteries. This standard provides requirements for the sorting and grading process involved in repurposing batteries from their original configured use, such as powering electric vehicles, to use in other applications, such as energy storage. Among the updates in this edition are new requirements that cover the sorting and grading process for remanufactured, reconditioned, or rebuilt batteries intended for use in the same or similar application.

As EV batteries near the end of their initial service life, they begin to lose power. However, these batteries still contain close to 70-80% of usable energy when they are removed from vehicles. These batteries may no longer be useful for vehicle propulsion, but can be utilized, if determined healthy, for other applications in a secondary market rather than final disposal. Through its requirements, UL 1974 contributes to the battery circular economy and prevents these usable batteries from adding to the accumulation of e-waste.

The second edition of UL 1974 features several updates, including the following:

  • Requirements for routine maintenance tests and diagnosis - For repurposed batteries, this standard requires these tests and diagnosis to be performed to ensure that the system’s integrity is maintained and it is safe.
  • Clarification on expiration dates - The updated requirements clarify that used components of the battery systems shall not to be considered for repurposing if they have already been used longer than the calendar expiration date specified by the original manufacturer. If this information is available, the repurposing manufacturer shall confirm the designated calendar expiration date of the components for repurposing.
  • Addition of requirements for remanufactured batteries - These updated requirements cover the sorting and grading process for remanufactured, reconditioned or rebuilt batteries that may have not been previously evaluated to a safety standard, such as electric vehicle batteries remanufactured by the OEM intended for use in another EV application.

Publication of the second edition of UL 1974 aligns with several key focus areas for ULSE, including e-mobility safety, electrification safety, and sustainability/circular economy. If you would like to get involved in these initiatives and help to make our communities safer, read more about how you can participate in our standards development process here.