Standards Matter
June 17, 2021

Standards for Household Deep Fryers: Helping Reduce Tipover Accidents

A plug inserted into a household outlet

Why it matters

According to the National Fire Protection Association, approximately 172,900 home structure fires are started each year from cooking activities. These fires cause an average of 550 civilian deaths, 4,820 civilian fire injuries and more than $1 billion in direct property damage each year. The study also reported that deep fryers had the highest death rate of 5.4 per 1,000 fires.1

What we're doing

UL 1083, the Standard for Household Electric Skillets and Frying-Type Appliances, requires deep fryers and oil fondue appliances to be constructed with a detachable power-supply cord with a minimum length of two feet and a maximum length of three feet. The length requirement helps to minimize tripping incidents and the detachable design is intended to disengage if the cord is accidentally pulled, which can help to keep the unit from tipping over.

How you can help

Our Standards are developed through a consensus-based process, which integrates scientific and testing expertise with input from our Technical Committee (TC) members and stakeholders. TC members represent a variety of interests, including industry, academia, government, retail and manufacturing. If you are involved in the design, manufacturing, sale or use of deep fryers and oil fondue appliances, and you would like to help improve safety in your industry, please take a moment to learn how you can get involved.