Standards Matter
June 17, 2021

Button Cell Battery Standards: Helping to Guard Against Accidental Ingestion

toddler playing with dinosaur toys

Why it matters

Button cell batteries can burn the lining of the stomach when swallowed. By requiring advanced security closures on toys, UL 4200A, the Standard for Products Incorporating Button or Coin Cell Batteries of Lithium Technologies, helps ensure lithium button or coin cell batteries are securely fastened inside of toys and away from little mouths.

What we're doing

Our Standard, UL 4200A, requires products that use button/coin cell batteries to be designed in a way that minimizes the risk of children removing and ingesting the batteries. It requires either the use of a tool such as a screwdriver or coin to open the battery compartment, or the application of two independent and simultaneous movements to open by hand. After various tests simulating normal use, the battery compartment door/cover shall not open and shall remain functional, making the battery inaccessible to children.

How you can help

Our Standards are developed through a consensus-based process, which integrates scientific and testing expertise with input from our Technical Committee (TC) members and stakeholders. TC members represent a variety of interests, including industry, academia, government, retail and manufacturing. If you are involved in the design, construction, sale, installation or inspection of button/coin cell batteries and products that use them, and you would like to help improve safety in your industry, please take a moment to learn how you can get involved.