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May 12, 2023

Technical Committee Member Spotlight: Claudia Freed

Our Technical Committee (TC) members make up a core component of our Standards Development Process. TCs are responsible for developing and maintaining consensus-based UL and ULC standards, following the requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC)

Each TC is required to represent a balance of interests, with members from nine different stakeholder categories: producers; supply chain; commercial/industrial; general regulators/authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ); government; testing and standards organizations; consumers and international delegates. To help assure fairness, our goal is for none of these categories to represent more than 33.3% of the TC membership. Active member participation is critical to helping maintain this balance and advance the standards development process. 

Our Member Spotlight series highlights the contributions of TC members who play a key role in standards development. Today’s spotlight is in honor of Claudia Freed.

Claudia FreedMeet Claudia Freed

Freed is president and CEO of EALgreen, an organization that works with corporations to transform excess and landfill-bound inventory into opportunities that equip institutions of higher learning to obtain much-needed equipment and create scholarships for students in need. Through this process, EALgreen helps close the loop on linear processes – enabling companies to reduce waste and protect the environment while also strengthening society by equipping students to prosper and schools to thrive.

As a member of UL Standards & Engagement’s (ULSE’s) TC 3600, Freed contributed to the development and publication of UL 3600, the Standard for Measuring and Reporting Circular Economy Aspects of Products, Sites and Organizations – the first Standard for quantifying an organization or product’s circular performance. Find out why Claudia believes it is important for business leaders to contribute to the development of standards in the interview below.

Why did you decide to join a Technical Committee?

As a business leader and practitioner in sustainability, I am aware of the challenges involved in measuring the impact of our operations and evolving business models. I joined the TC community because I am interested in data analytics – particularly in the use and application of standards as a powerful business tool to help businesses advance their commitment of making progress toward sustainable corporate and societal goals.

"Participating in the TC has provided me exposure to distinguished thought-leaders engaged in the development of standards globally. This exceptional group of colleagues has become part of my community while I hope to also contribute to their own knowledge and understanding of social impact models in the circular economy space." Claudia Freed, president and CEO of EALgreen

What value do you see in participating on a committee? 

Throughout my career in the non-profit and business world, I have had the privilege to serve diverse communities including higher education, public media, cancer research, and supply chain. In my role as a leader, I have found that it is vital to have a seat at the table in the proverbial “room where it happens,” to quote the musical Hamilton, to be on the cutting edge of innovation. Participating in the TC has provided me exposure to distinguished thought-leaders engaged in the development of standards globally. This exceptional group of colleagues has become part of my community, while I hope to also contribute to their own knowledge and understanding of social impact models in the circular economy space such as EALgreen.

What are your goals for participating in standards development?

As an immigrant from Argentina and non-native English speaker, I take pride in being part of the business community in a leadership role, nationally and internationally. By participating in the development of standards, I hope to help guide business processes that lead to a more disciplined and accelerated adoption of sustainable practices. Being a co-author of performance standards at ULSE allows me to help make a lasting and positive difference to the way we do business across a variety of economic sectors for businesses small and large.

What value do you think standards bring to global safety? 

Safety standards are being redefined by the inclusion of concerns for the planet and the humans that inhabit it. Standards that address environmental, social, and governance concerns (ESG) help bring focus and attention to the impact of economic innovation, development, and growth. Personally, I hope that well-developed standards help create a safer and better world for all.

Why should others consider participating in standards development? 

One of my favorite quotes comes from an African proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  It is my belief that, as members of the community, we must find novel and meaningful ways to “pay it forward.” The standards technical committee allows me to explore new dimensions of business leadership while learning and working toward building a better world.

Thank you for your service, Claudia. Your time and contributions to standards development make a daily impact around the globe, helping us in our mission of working for a safer, more secure, and more sustainable world.

If you are interested in joining the standards development process for UL and ULC standards, there are several ways to participate:

•    Apply for TC membership: TC membership is contingent upon participation, as active member participation is critical to helping maintain a balance of interests and advance the standards development process. 
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