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July 7, 2023

Addressing Fire Hazards in Colombia Through Data Science and Engineering

On June 28, 2023, UL Standards & Engagement (ULSE) and Colombia's Asociación Nacional de Protección Contra Incendios (ANRACI) held an informative joint webinar on fire statistics in Colombia. During the session, members of the ULSE Data Science and Engineering team presented statistics regarding fire safety in Colombia and shared how stakeholders can get involved in the UL standards development process.

To open the webinar, ULSE  Director of Data Science & Standards Engineering Dr. Denice Durrant provided an overview of the UL enterprise and explained how ULSE pursues safety through engineering and science, collaboration, and action. She also discussed ULSE’s leveraging of data science to inform policy and solve challenging safety, sustainability and security issues.

Following the introduction, ULSE Senior Project Engineer Wil Fletcher presented findings from the Data Science and Engineering teams on injury and death trends due to fire, heat, and hot substances in Colombia. Fletcher explained how ULSE focuses on prevention, detection, and suppression in its approach to fire safety. He highlighted UL standards such as UL 199, Automatic Sprinklers for Fire-Protection Service; UL 985, Standard for Household Fire Warning System Units; UL 217, Standard for Smoke Alarms; and UL 268, Standard for Smoke Detectors for Fire Alarm Signaling Systems, explaining how each features requirements to help mitigate fire hazards.

Watch the webinar below: