World Environment Day 2022: Strategies for Implementation of a Circular Economy

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flyer for circular economy webinar on June 2

In the lead-up to World Environment Day, join us on June 2, 2022, for a discussion on the importance of circular economy and its impact on global sustainability and international trade. 

The Earth has limited resources to meet the seemingly unlimited needs of its users. A systems approach to conserve resources at every level has always been relevant and has gained even higher importance in recent years. Moving from a take-make-waste, linear economy model to a more closed-loop, circular economy model, is an imperative for a safer, more secure, and more sustainable world. Achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions can help to ensure we can accomplish this goal.

Circularity helps pave the way forward for net zero, and it also serves as an enabler. Creating a circular economy requires systems thinking; for products, this means considering a product’s end of life in the design stage to ensure it is designed for recyclability, reuse, or another second-life application. Through the development of circular economy standards, we can help to set consistent metrics for improvement, as underscored by the maxim, “What gets measured gets improved.” 

Speakers from UL Standards and Engagement will lead this webinar alongside experts from the public and private sector. This session is part of a series held in collaboration with the CII Institute of Quality, with support form the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum and the U.S. Commercial Service. 

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