NBDA Retailer Summit

Woman with e-bike
21C Museum Hotel Bentonville
200 NE A St
Bentonville, Arkansas
United States

What is the Retailer Summit?

The National Bike Dealers Association Retailer Summit is an educational event designed to unite leading retailers and suppliers to formulate best practices that will drive specialty bicycle retail forward, leading to long-term profitability and success.

Our Perspective

UL Standards & Engagement is a safety expert working to bridge the awareness gap between e-mobility devices, such as e-bikes, and lithium-ion batteries, the source that powers them.

Many riders do not understand the dangers lithium-ion batteries pose when they are damaged or malfunctioning which can cause them to slip into thermal runaway, an uncontrollable self-heating state that can lead to fires or explosion.

Standards can reduce the risk of these fires by ensuring e-bikes are designed and constructed according to safety requirements.

Where can you find us?

Thursday, May 23 from 11:15am-11:45am CT Sayon Deb, director of primary insights at UL Standards & Engagement, will be presenting key findings from a recent report on how safety oversights of e-bike riders threatens lithium-ion battery fires.

Additional resources on our key topic of focus: