Masterclass Series with India Energy Storage Alliance: Standards for Electric Vehicles

Flyer for IESA-UL Event

Throughout 2022, UL Standards & Engagement and the India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) will hold a joint masterclass webinar series on safety and standards for energy storage systems. The series will address current issues and trends in the energy storage industry, while also providing information on the standards intended to address these issues. 

This webinar series is geared for stakeholders in industries related to energy storage systems and is intended to help advance research opportunities. Topics in the series were identified as priority areas for participants from India. 

In this session, we discuss standards for standards for electric vehicles. The transportation and energy ecosystems are undergoing a dynamic transition globally with a paradigm shift from lead-acid to lithium-ion batteries. With the increased demand for electric vehicles and stationary energy, energy storage systems are becoming a necessity of these ecosystems.

As we scale up production and usage of energy storage systems, it is critical to establish, understand and follow standards and safety precautions to avoid future predicaments.

Future sessions in this masterclass webinar series include: