May 14, 2024

How Standards are Making Robots Safe for Public and Commercial Spaces

roboIn the very near future, you may find yourself following a robot to your gate at an airport, or to the location of a book you’ve been trying to find in your local library. While quietly contemplating a painting at a museum, you may find a robot docent nearby, ready to provide information on the artist. While typing away at your desk, a robot office assistant may bring you a package you ordered. And when you enter a restaurant for dinner, you may follow a robot host to your table before being served by a robot waiter carrying your meal from the kitchen. In each of these cases, you’d be interacting with a service, communication, education, and entertainment robot. 

Read below to learn more about SCIEE robots and how UL Standards & Engagement is working to help companies and organizations roll them out safely with UL 3300, the Standard for Safety for Service, Communication, Information, Education and Entertainment Robots.

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