International Partnerships
February 22, 2022

Beginning a New Partnership with Haiti Bureau of Standards

UL Standards & Engagement and The Haiti Bureau of Standards (BHN) held an introductory webinar to establish mutual understanding and foster collaboration between both organizations on Feb. 3. The webinar follows the 2021 signing of a collaborative Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Under the terms of the MOU, both organizations agreed to promote reciprocal communication, avoid duplication of work efforts where possible, support harmonization efforts where there is interest, and increase knowledge of each other’s standards development activities – allowing for the adoption, reference, translation and use of UL standards as deemed appropriate by BHN.

The webinar began with a welcome address and included an introduction to both organizations. BHN members were provided with a background of UL Standards & Engagement, as well as an overview of its standards development process and online Collaborative Standards Development System platform. They were also encouraged to get involved in the standards development process by applying to join standards technical panels.

During the webinar, a survey was also conducted to gather information on topics of interest in relation to standards for Haiti. Members of BHN responded by listing construction, electrical safety, sustainability, and fire safety as priority standardization sectors. They cited construction standards as a particular area of interest for workshops and webinars in 2022.


In February 2020, UL Standards & Engagement became the first foreign standards development organization (SDO) authorized to develop safety standards for Mexico. Learn more about our standardization efforts in Mexico.

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