International Partnerships
November 16, 2021

UL Standards & Engagement Signs Cooperation Agreement with Fire Safety Door (Lock) Industry Alliance of China

Two engineers inspecting fire doors during fire door safety test

Partnership aims to fill gaps on standards for fire safety doors and locks in China

UL Standards & Engagement and the Fire Safety Door (Lock) Industry Alliance of China signed a collaborative memorandum of understanding (MOU) that establishes a framework for cooperation on the adoption and reference of UL standards for fire safety doors, locks, windows, and accessories in China.

Under the terms of the MOU, the two organizations agree to collaborate on the development of workshops, training, and capacity building activities and efforts, in addition to the adoption, reference, translation, and use of UL standards in China, as deemed appropriate by the Fire Safety Door (Lock) Industry Alliance. The agreement aims to fill the gap of standards on fire safety doors and locks in China, utilizing UL Standards & Engagement's extensive resources in fire safety standards and research to facilitate the advancement of these standards. 

Additionally, the agreement aims to foster harmonization between American and Chinese standards.

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About The Fire Safety Door (Lock) Industry Alliance

The Fire Safety Door (Lock) Industry Alliance is an affiliate of the China Association for Consumer Products, Quality, and Safety Promotion, which is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of standards for fire safety doors, locks, windows, and other accessories. The organization aims to contribute to the high-quality development of China’s fire safety door lock industry.