International Partnerships
August 17, 2018

Expanding Cooperative Partnerships in ASEAN

UL Presents at battery safety summit with STAMEQ

UL Standards & Engagement renews standards cooperation with the national standards body of Vietnam

UL Standards & Engagement and STAMEQ, the national standards body of Vietnam, signed a renewed and expanded agreement in September 2016 to collaborate on safety requirements and to allow for the adoption of UL Standards by STAMEQ. 

The agreement provides STAMEQ with full access to all UL standards and encourages the translation, use and adoption of UL standards within Vietnam. In addition, the agreement encourages cooperation and collaboration between UL and STAMEQ on safety-related standards issues.

“UL is pleased to renew and expand our work with STAMEQ to continue to advance our global public safety mission through the sharing of safety information and through collaboration on the implementation of effective safety standards within Vietnam” said Phil Piqueira, Vice President, Global Standards. “As the national standards body in Vietnam, STAMEQ is a welcome partner for UL in the pursuit of effective safety standards, globally. UL welcomes the opportunity to have a stronger working relationship with safety leaders in this important country.”

In January, 2018, UL and STAMEQ cohosted the Workshop on Battery Safety in Hanoi. STAMEQ invited more than 50 attendees from across Vietnam, including speakers from the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Vietnam Certification Centre (QUACERT), the Quality Assurance and Testing Centre (QUATEST) and the Vietnam Standards and Quality Institute (VSQI). Dr. Judy Jeevarajan, UL Research Director for Electrochemical Safety, was among the presenters. 

UL signs agreement with BSN

UL Standards & Engagement signs new standards cooperation agreement with BSN, the national standards body of Indonesia

UL Standards & Engagement and the National Standardization Agency of Indonesia (BSN) signed a new agreement in October, 2017, to collaborate on safety standards. The signing event took place at the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) General Assembly in Vladivostok, Russia.

Under the agreement, BSN and UL Standards & Engagement will share safety information and collaborate on the development of safety standards. “UL Standards & Engagement welcomes the opportunity to initiate formal collaboration with BSN, as we see BSN as a strong partner in the shared goal of improving public safety through the establishment of effective safety standards,” said John Thompson, Vice President, International Standards Policy.

UL Standards & Engagement attends Pacific Area Standards Congress

In May, 2018, UL Standards & Engagement representatives attended the 41st General Assembly Meeting of the Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC) in Okayama, Japan. The theme for the assembly was “Standards for Human Centered Society – How can standards support our sustainable and inclusive society?”. Dan Ryan, Director – Standards Programs, presented on UL Standards & Engagement's experience in developing leadership sustainability standards, highlighting some of the unique challenges encountered in the development of such standards.