NCOAA 2024 CO Safety Summit

A person is using their hand to operate a generator.
Kansas City, Missouri
United States

What is the CO Safety Summit? 

The CO Safety Summit is focused on education, research, case studies, data, new technologies, and best practices around carbon monoxide. The summit will take place at National Association of State Fire Marshals' 34th Annual Fire Prevention & Safety Symposium. 

Our Perspective

Standards play a crucial role in promoting CO safety by ensuring that products are designed and constructed according to rigorous safety requirements. UL Standards & Engagement has more than 75 standards in its catalog that address carbon monoxide safety in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. 

Our latest study also shows that a lack of detection options in homes and the false perception that protections exist in public spaces are consequences of a dangerous assumption that CO poisoning won’t happen to them. While standards are critical in reducing the risk of CO poisoning, it is important that consumers are aware of the dangers of CO and how to properly protect themselves. 

Where can you find us?

Wednesday, July 30 at 10am CT, Lesley Rohrbaugh, head of insights & policy analysis at UL Standards & Engagement, will join a panel discussion examining the future of CO safety education. Lesley will also highlight consumer misconceptions around CO from ULSE’s recent report. 

You can also visit booth 102 to connect with experts on CO safety and learn how you can get involved in the standards development process. 

Additional resources on our key topic of focus: