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April 18, 2024

ULSE SCC Accredited Procedures

This document applies to all standards development activities within ULC Standards and UL Standards & Engagement, ULSE Inc. related to their separate Standards Council of Canada (SCC) accreditations. It covers requirements for developing UL and ULC Standards as National Standards of Canada and National Adoptions of International/Regional Standards and Other Deliverables. These requirements are based on the following SCC Requirements and Guidance documents:

  • Accreditation of Standards Development Organizations 2019
  • National Adoptions of International/Regional Standards and Other Deliverables 2017

This document also covers the role of the Technical Committees (TCs) in this process. Rules concerning the establishment and operations of TCs are provided as well as criteria for striving for a balance of interests within the membership. This document also stipulates voting procedures and provides detailed requirements for the consideration of all negative votes and all public comments.