Anti-Counterfeiting Education On Demand
November 30, 2020

Purchasing Batteries from Trusted Sources with Judy Jeevarajan, VP and Executive Director, ESRI

Dr. Judy Jeevarajan Dr. Judy Jeevarajan has been working in the field of battery safety for over 25 years, specifically on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which are found in everything from our smart phones to electric vehicles. Since these batteries also pose the greatest risk of thermal runaway, ensuring consumer safety is a top priority. In this article, Dr. Jeevarajan takes a look at the sophisticated safety technology that goes into lithium-ion batteries and the dangers of buying counterfeits, which are not tested or certified to safety standards. Learn more about how properly manufactured batteries keep you and your family safe, and get tips on how to make sure you are buying the real thing.

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